Thursday, March 29, 2012

Out with the old!

There comes a time in every relationship gone wrong when you simply must part ways.
I am finally going to take the dive.

 Yep, the kitchen is getting a makeover.
I really hate to show you the before pictures but since a few friends asked I will but with great hesitation. I just want to prepare you properly......
the kitchen is icky except for one part.
not this part, nope.
not this one either.
Definitely not the original floor, bleh! How was this fashionable in 1968?
This part is kinda cutesy. I do like my "Hens gather here" sign but it probably belongs with Rita or Amber's chickens.

This is Courtney's beautiful kitchen, you can see more inspiration at her blog 
Now I wish my kitchen would turn out like Courtney's but Im  in a bit of a hurry so fresh paint, a new floor with just a few new accessories will have to do.

This is my inspiration piece, a trivet I picked up a while ago. I'll be picking up paint in the morning and getting to work. Oh yeah, the reason Im in such a hurry besides the fact I just need to part ways with this out dated kitchen is because I will be having a house guest in a few weeks.

Sweet Karen Valentine from My Desert Cottage will be coming out to speak at Launch Your Creativity and will be staying with me! Im so lucky!

These amazing women will also be on hand at the event to 
Inspire You
Encourage You
Teach You

Jane Button~Professional Business Coach
Jickie Torres~Editor Cottages & Bungalows and 
Contributing Editor Romantic Homes Magazine
Karen Valentine~Where Bloggers Create & Valentine Designs
Kay Ellen Hammar~Designer, Stylist, Photographer
Tara Wilson~Designer & Business Lawyer
Cheryl Turner~Owner at Paris In A Cup
and yours truly
Sharon Hughes~Creator of Launch Your Creativity & Pansy Cottage Garden

Join us on April 21st in Orange, CA!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Calling All Day Dream Believers

 Calling all Dreamers to be "Queen for a day" 
at the next  
Launch Your Creativity Event 
on April 21st at Paris In A Cup Tea Salon.

Hang up your aprons girls and come learn how to turn 

Your Big Dream into the next Big Thing!
5 guest speakers, lunch, door prizes and tons of Inspiration!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy First Day of Spring!

I am so excited for Spring to be here. I love seeing the flowers bloom and
 smelling their sweet perfume. ~My yard is full of Jasmine~
I guess its pretty obvious that I really love flowers by the looks of these sweet pillows! Nothing is more inviting than a pile of pillows to refresh your nest.
 This palette of Robin's Egg Blue, Sage Green and Dreamy Pink are my absolute favorite. INSTANT CHEER!
A relaxing way to spend the day.

And a very big THANK YOU to Romantic Country Magazine for featuring my Beach Cottage Pillows!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Its Raining, Its Pouring!

This is a re post from a few years ago but oh so fitting for today. Its a mess here and I will be driving over an hour to see my niece in a play!
It's raining Cats & Dogs!!
In light of the terrential rains and a small tornado (completely foreign to sunny So.Cal.) I thought this is fitting althought the story below is kinda gross. We are being washed away....literally!  If your an animal lover you might be surprised at how this saying originated, I was.  The flooding, mudslides and evacuations are expected to last all week, yuck.

Meaning: It’s raining heavily

Origin: There are roughly 200 theories on this one. The most probable? In 17th-century England, public sanitation wasn’t what it is today—hence during deluges, rain coursing down the streets would often carry dead animals with it. As a result, even though cats and dogs never literally showered down from above, they became associated with severe rainstorms. Photo: iStockPhotos

This is featured in a fun article by Woman's Day about popular ideoms. The article is pretty humorous and gives an  insight into where all those funny saying are believed to originate.Hope all of you are warm, safe and cozy!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

You are Perfect

 For all of you that think you are not enough, you are wrong. 
You are perfect just the way you are.