Monday, June 29, 2009

California Sunset

As I was putting away laundry I happened to look out the slider and saw this beautiful sunset. Big sighhhh! This is the view from the west side of our deck. I love it when the sky looks so pink, its a shabby pink sunset! I thought about the view for a minute and decided I should grab a picture before its gone forever. I always think I'll remember just how beautiful it is and then when I see one like this I am awe struck all over again. I hope you are having a beautiful summer evening with your family.

Friday, June 26, 2009

A quick trip to New Mexico

I know its cheesy to stand there but smile anyway!
Mom, why are we standing next to an iron deer?
Last week I decided I just had to get away so I threw the kids in the car and went to New Mexico to visit Brad & Christine aka Papa & the Queen! Cody was quite delighted to find a toad in their driveway. He wanted to bring it home to meet his frogs. That would be a"NO". I explained that toads dont travel well and they cant take Dramamine!
This is the Queen very involved in her paper crafting. She has quite the portfolio of cards and sweet things. Let me tell you about her. If you go to her house you are in for quite a treat. It is beautiful. I should have taken pics of it what was I thinking. Its like going to a B&B. You could eat off her floor if you had to. The only one eating off my floor is the dog, I think weve covered that before. She is like a mom to me and moved away several years ago to enjoy retirement. She didn't know I was coming, it was a birthday surprise. Its the best feeling in the world when you are so loved by someone that they cant sleep when you are a guest in their house! We talked until 2 in the morning then tried to sleep but the Queen was so happy she couldn't. sigh.

This is my daughter and son-inlaw. He totally supports her paper habit! The Queen got her goodies out so we could play. Even Caleb was enjoying the cuddlebug!

We ate and talked and laughed the whole time. And I made a new BFF, Annmarie who lives across the street with her amazingly cute kids & hubby. And a huge thanks to Teersa another fab neighbor that helped us with the "crazy box". Oh my if you ever leave meds behind that have to be refrigerated let me tell ya it helps to have a neighbor that just happens to be a pharmacist. Ciara left hers and was hours away before we realised it. Teersa saved the day! Oh what a lovely time. Dont worry New Mexico I'll be back!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

I was tagged...

I know youv'e seen this before but there isn't anything in my garden that looks good enough to post and I really wanted flowers with this post since friends really are flowers in the garden of life! I was tagged by Amy. Since I'm a newbie I've never done this before. LOL. Here are 6 pieces of completely useless information about me:
1. I am a chocoholic. Make it dark please. I make no apologies for hiding it from my family in my sewing room.
2. I love junk. Not just any junky old thing, but whatever seems to tickle my fancy at the moment which may be completely unpredictable.

3. I really love to lay in bed in comfy pajamas with a big mug of coffee and read(especially when its cold out).

4. I can eat more popcorn than anyone I know!

5. I'm a terrible cook but I can make a mean french toast!

6. I like all kinds of music except country because it makes me cry even if he gets his girl back!

Yes those silly things really do make me happy! Ok now to tag 6 lovelies......Dawn from 4:53am, Lori from myfaeriewindow, Jena of notsoshabby, Sandi of waysidetreasures, Taryn of LoveTaryn and Koleen of anniepeevy. Thanks for playing! I can't wait to hear more about you!

Redraw for apron winner

Hello All,
Due to an oversight I have redrawn a new winner for the Summer Apron Giveaway. I am so sorry that Forever Vintage could not be the lucky recipient due to the contest being open to the U.S. only and sweet Caroline realised that and tried to remove her name but I didn't make the connection since I know her as Forever Vintage. You are all such great new friends I wish I could give each of you an apron. My husband pulled a new name and drew Gisele Chapman who entered at There were 59 entries from comments and 6 through email. Thank you everyone who played. I am already thinking about the fall & holiday giveaways. Christmas will be a darling poinsettia apron and possibly a tea cozie. I'm not sure what I'll do for fall. I will keep all of you posted. Have a blessed week.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Summer Apron Winner

And the winner is.....Caroline of Forever Vintage. Congratulations to you. I hope you will enjoy it. Send your address to and I will send it out!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Ride of a Lifetime!

Thailand or Bust!!
This is Ciara & Caleb in Thailand. They were just there for a week visiting some missionaries from New Tribes Mission. NTM focuses on bringing the gospel to tribal people all over the world. Can you believe that elephant? They fed him sugarcane along the trip which lasted over an hour. They crossed a river and went down some very steep hills and were a little concerned they might fall off! It is very hot and humid there but the food is really good. They had a wonderful time and fell in love with the Thai people. They plan to move there in 1-1/2 years. Wow, guess I'll be needing a passport!

Friday, June 12, 2009

A new blog on the block

I love this sign, it hangs above "Creations" in Fullerton, CA.

This is my disclaimer....I love Creations. It is owned by the Vasques family and they are the nicest, sweetest people. You should also know I sell my aprons and table linens there. Several of my best friends also sell their treasures there. Having said that you now know that I am completely biased....don't blame me just love me anyway!

The following pictures were taken by the creations staff....
Ready for the 4th....Oh I feel a song coming on.....God Bless America.

The fun "Froggy Faces" were made by Arlene. She is an absolute artist. I was hoping to post pics of her things from the Sugar Plum but I left before she was done setting up.

I confess this is my apron with tablecloths & pillows in the background. The blocks that say "Mom's Cottage" were made by Georgia from Born in a Barn.

Birdhouses, candles, tea party goodies, flower stakes for your garden are just a few of the fab finds that are here. The store changes constantly as there are soooo many crafters bringing in new things. And of course the entire store changes with every season. If your in the area stop in for a visit. We would love to see you!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sugar Plum part2

We just got done setting up at the Sugar Plum Festival....whew. I'm pooped. We were given a different size space than our usual setup so it took a bit of doing to get everything to fit nicely. Here's Susie's flower cart all decked out. Isn't the old doll with the flag cute?

We think this is a caroling Betsy Ross.
A beautiful pink rose print in a shabby frame with vintage teacups.
"Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep" needlework and vintage doll sitting on the chair from the white Laura Ashley set I bought at the flea market. It was visited by the spray paint fairy. I should have taken an "after shot". It was so worn it really needed freshening up and it looks so much better red.
Look at the vintage lipstick holder!
This is just a little sampling of what we have. Come for a visit, you won't be dissapointed!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sugar Plum

If you are in southern California this weekend, come out to the Sugar Plum Festival. My partner in crime, Susie and I were just at the Orange County Fairgrounds bringing our backdrops in and getting ready to decorate.

Is this the cutest Uncle Sam ever? Camilla, the owner of the show has the best props. She brings something different for every season.

This is a family friendly event...lots of great handmade items, food, gifts, decorations, you name it! Admission is free but the fairgrounds do charge for parking. The show is very busy and gets quite crowded so strollers are not allowed in the building but children are welcome!

A few of our fleamarket treasures that we couldn't pass up. Some are just for display, some we sell and some we rotate seasonally.

My husband made this potting table, yeah he's kinda handy so I keep him around!

I absolutely looooove this flower cart. Susie got it at a garage sale for, well, the price of a pizza. I am not lying! I have first dibs on it when she gets tired of dragging it around. So anyway girls if you are in so. cal. this thursday thru saturday we will be at the O.C. fairgrounds. We are space #4311 in the second row. Tomorrow I will post pics of our booth decorated and some of my best girlfriends' booths. There are some amazingly talented women here.

Monday, June 8, 2009

It's a small World

I shared with you my fabulous finds from the flea market last week. Well imagine Sandi's surprise to see a picture of the very sign she made in Michigan showing up at a flea market in California. What are the chances of that? Well it just goes to show you what a small world blogland is! Visit Sandi at Wayside Treasures and find her fab blog and yummy things for sale at her etsy shop!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Cottage Giveaway

Look at these delightful goodies featured in the giveaway over at Cottage . Sweet , creative Elyse is offering us girls a chance to win some of her fab creations! Follow the link and be sure to enter. Also there is still time to enter my Summer apron giveaway
I know I posted this last month and all of you have been patiently waiting. Sorry to drag it out, I'm a newbie and have had sooo much going on I needed to give a distant date. Actually I just wanted to see you all waiting with baited breath:) JK! I adore all of you and have such a blast getting to know you.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Oh My

Thank you Amy so much for this thoughtful award. You sure made my day! I am blessed and honored beyond words :)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Food for Thought

This sign is in my dining room. Well, What would you do if you knew you "could not fail?" Hmmm, that's a tough one. What is keeping you from pursueing your dreams? Time, money, family.....the list goes on.

My husband and I used to say to each other,"are you living to work or are you working to live?" What are YOU passionate about? Here is an entry from my journal from oh gosh years ago. I can't remember where I saw this to give proper credit, but I did'nt come up with it.

"The road to happiness lies in 2 simple principles: find what it is that interests you and that you can do well, and when you find it, put your soul into it-every bit of energy, ambition and natural ability that you have!" I encourage you to get a journal and just start pouring out all those ideas that are swimming around in your head & heart. Writing it down helps bring clarity. Then go to your best friends & family and get their support for your new venture. You will need it. Every new venture has ups & downs. But most of all, "Believe in yourself". I have "believe in yourself you can make a difference" and "follow your dreams, anything is possible" on my hang tags and in my catalog. I want to encourage everyone that sees my products to think about that.