Friday, October 30, 2009

Something new

New Pillows!
*Warning long post alert*
 Its been one of those days!

All of you know that pink is not just a color but an entire attitude....."pinkitude"! Right? Well I was working on an order that was everything pink and then some and I got so tired of looking at pink. So I decided to play with an idea I've had for a while, I called it pink recovery therapy!What could be more opposite of pink? Black! So here's a little peek at what I whipped up....

I love this, very feminine even though its not our favorite colour.

and this is my all time favorite "one word saying". Believe carries a lot of weight and a lot of questions. I am planning to offer these for sale, so as soon as I can I will get a buy it button added. On a different note, did any of you have problems with blogger lately? The last 2 days my blog has been coming and going. oh my gosh it was making me nuts. Then my photo editing program wasn't working, UGH! I am not tech savvy at all so I really wanted to kick the darn thing as if that would help. Then there was my other tech issue....the cell phone. EEK! A while ago I dropped it at the beach and it got wet. Of course this happened when I was there alone with the dog in the dark and without a flashlight. A nice couple helped me find it. Me being the I can fix anything type and so frugal(LOL) decided to take it apart with a tiny little screwdriver. It worked to my delight. You wouldn't believe the sand that was in that thing. I took it all apart, yes circuit board and all, and let it dry overnight. Then I used a craft paintbrush to gently brush out the sand. And it worked for awhile. If I used my headset while driving it wouldnt recognise when I unplugged it and I couldnt answer my phone without the headset which was in the car while the phone was ringing in the kitchen! That brought my hubby and I down to the local verizon store to become crazy with options and complety overwhelmed upgrade. An hour and 20 minutes later we emerged with new phones and no idea how to use them. The sweet sales lady explained how easy it would be for all of you to follow me on twitter! My coffee almost came out my nose. Call me old fashion, out dated, whatever but the bottom line is I am just not doing anyhting that interesting that you are going to need to know about while you in the grocery store! I promise I wont do that to you unless I win the lottery.


Elyse said...

hello pansypop (how's that?),

you're the 2nd person i know that had cell phone problems because of the beach. i have the cheapest cell phone with pay-as-you-go minutes. low tech!

meanwhile ... the new line of pillows is very cool!

happiest halloween to all (looks like E will be in passing out candy with daddy while J and trick-or-treat)


Twyla and Lindsey said...

I love the color scheme of these pillows. It's one of my favorites. Hope you have a safe and fun weekend! Twyla

sadie said...

your cushions are utterly beautiful, I love them. And the word 'pinkitude' is just inspired! My little girl and I both have total and utter pinkitude!


r4 card said...

The pillow covers are marvelous. The best one is with the word "believe" on it.