Monday, June 20, 2011

Back in action!

Tigger aka Mr. Helpful!
Thankfully all the electronic items in my little world are back to normal. Oh yes, I forgot to tell you that after everything went south, my refrigerator decided to join the party too.
Wow, it was hectic.
But finally I am back to work trying to finish my Holiday preview catalog and thought you might get a little chuckle from my helper that really isnt any help! 

He simply must sniff everything thoroughly!

I think he's about done so I can finish up, I'd better hurry before something catches his fancy!


Missy @ Chateau Chic Boutique said...

Hi Sharon,
It sounds like the Duffy cloud has descended upon your household! Your story is cracking me up, that's just a typical day at the Duffy's. Ha-ha!
Well, it looks like things are looking up. You're pretty on it with your catalog. I was just thinking the other day...what was that I was saying last year about getting ready for Christmas in the summer? ;).
Have a blessed week!

Kathy said...

HOLIDAY preview?????!!!! Holy smokes. Christmas all ready. And I know you have to start early. Wowser. Hadn't thought about that yet. So glad all the electronic conundrum seems to be over. I just hate that kind of stuff.

Cathie said...

Sharon, honestly, right now, my idea of holiday preview is setting up the adirondack chairs in the gazebo! I've been dropping in to Pansy Cottage Garden from time to time to see how you are doing... and you are doing well sweetheart! By the way, after taking some time away my blog is back... hope you can pop in every so often! HO HO HO!

Bearly Sane said...

Sounds like the meltdown has come to an end at last Sharon. Funny (peculiar) how when one thing goes wrong everything else follows like sheep!! LOL! These things are sent to try us for sure.

Tigger obviously hasn't heard the term "curiosity killed the cat" or maybe he just thinks he's too smart for that.

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy finishing your Holiday preview catalogue...gotta go check on my cake.

Warmest hugs,

Cindy Adkins said...

He is so totally adorable! Last year, our kitty used to go sit under the Christmas tree every night and fall asleep...and she never touched anything! I thought that was amazing! Your little Tigger is precious!!