Thursday, September 29, 2011

Take time for the little things

 Its been a very hectic week getting ready for LYC and I really didn't want any interruptions to my busy work day yesterday. So when my dogs kept barking and carrying on I was a tad annoyed. Its typically a coyote taunting them through the fence. So when I went to check on them and realized what a beautiful day it was outside I decided to sit outside for a few minutes and take a break. Thats when I saw this little cutie pie. There were 3 but 2 were hiding in the trees. Had I not taken a few minutes to regroup I would have missed the blessing of this sweet little visitor.

Make sure you take time for the little things and dont miss a blessing in disguise.



stefanie said...


Art From The heart said...

It always amazes me when I notice little things in life and it just takes a minute to slow down a bit.

Anonymous said...

Sweet! I love deer and we don't see them often here. Moose are another story!

I covet my "little things" life right now! ♥

lilybets said...

...gorgeus emotions,to see these lovely fruits of nature!!!I love them,they are so cute!