Friday, September 23, 2011

Its really not what I thought!

 A funny thing happened on the way here
to this place I call "My Life". 

Have you ever completely misread something, someone or 
had the wrong take altogether on something? And then felt horrible because  you missed it?
replayed it countless times, analyzed it to death? And then were not so particularly nice to yourself because of it? Show of hands girls? No one can see you, tun off the webcam. 
I put both up, one for me and one for you.

Allow me to elaborate. You may want a cookie to go with this. 
Remember when I said I would be making some changes? 

Well this is just the beginning.

You've heard "the beginning of the rest of your life" used many times and I dont mean to sound cliche but why not have a new beginning today and tomorrow and the next day? 
Who says that because you missed the mark in some way that you can't start fresh? Isnt that what we tell our children when they are in a pile of tears? We dont tear them down, we wouldnt tear our best friend or husband down. So why do we do it to ourselves?

The sun will come out tomorrow
Ive noticed something about myself and Im just going to put it out there because I think you will understand. I am really good at forgiving others, encouraging others and even putting people on a pedestal(not something I recommend) but not myself. Perhaps it is rooted in the father that nothing was good enough for or the fear that I wont be liked, gee feels like jr. high all over again.

But life is meant to be enjoyed not endured.
So Ive decided to  make some changes and Im excited to do it. My blog will be different than what youve seen in the past. Ive discovered a love (again) for writing and Im just going to put on my big girl panties and write about the things that matter to me because I think they just may matter to you too. And of course Im perfectly safe here in my pajamas with my hair in rollers, you cant see me! But if you could, you would laugh and so would I.

I hope you will be courageous with me and give yourself permission to make mistakes and start over. Its freeing and its real. 

I love you my dear friends, thank you for loving me! 

Ive linked up to an "OM, One Moment"  hosted by alamode stuff.



Unknown said...

Good for you! I've been contemplating doing the same. "be true to yourself" is a motto I seem to have forgotten. Thanks for the reminder.

Anonymous said...

Go for it! And I promise I'll still sit by you at lunch time!

*The Beautiful Life* said...

Hey pretty lady! Love this post...

Isn't it nuts that we, at our ages, can still feel like we're back in middle/high school. :/

Can't wait to read more of your writings. :)


Elyse said...

i love this post.

i'm right here with you!

(i am laughing at holly's comment -- as always)

love you, sweet pop!


Missy @ Chateau Chic Boutique said...

Hey Sharon! Thanks for being so honest and encouraging. Go for it! You have a beautiful heart and you're right. We deserve a do-over when things don't go just right. Enjoy life, don't just endure...I like that!
Big Huge Blessings to you,

Cyn said...

Wishing you well on your journey! Hope you continue to link up to OM - I'd love to read what your next moment will be.

Rebecca Lewis said...

Good morning Sharon! It has been what seems like forever since I have popped in and Wow! this has hit home....especially your message that 'life is meant to be enjoyed not endured'!
I've been feeling a bit like I need a "do-over" lately (for quite a while now)....lots of thoughts going through my mind ~ just not quite sure where to start first, if I should, or when....I am looking forward to reading your writings.
Wishing I could attend "Launch" ~ It sounds fabulous! Have a wonderful time! :-)

Amber ~ The French Pressed Home said...

;) Proud of you, girl!

xoxoxoxoxo, Amber