Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Road Home

Photo: Cathy Scalise
But you will not mind the roughness, nor the steepness of the way,
Nor the cold, unrested morning, nor the heat of the noonday;
 And you will not take a turning to the left or the right,
But go straight ahead, nor tremble at the coming of the night,

 For the road leads HOME.
                                          Author Unknown

 I read this poem this morning and pondered it quite some time. 



Our thoughts of home are so powerful. 

The place where we belong. 

Where we are molded into who we are. 

Where we learn the earliest lessons in life.

The smell of your favorite soap, the sounds of your family.

The pet that greets you faithfully.

Where we are safe to just be.

Have you ever broken down in an unfamiliar place and 
all you could think is how you want to go home?

When I mop the sticky mess from the kid's cooking experiment gone wrong
I will not complain but rejoice with a heart full of gratitude that I am in this place.

May your day be blessed with all the riches in your home.


fiberdoodles said...

There is NO place like home! Beautiful poem!!

Elyse said...

beautiful post and so right!


Anonymous said...

There's no other place I'd rather be! ♥