Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Welcome Fall

I love Fall, the feeling of the air growing cooler...
The colors turning golden and of course 
football season and pumpkin pie!
Not to mention the kids are back to school with boxes of brand new crayons~what is it about crayons? 

Perhaps its the freedom that little box holds.


You can create anything you want, right? 

No rules, no boundaries. 

Free to express yourself any way you'd like.

Which brings me to my new video series,
 "Inspiration Delivered" 

I will be posting several videos to 
Inspire, Encourage and Challenge you!

Grab your coffee and join me right here on Tuesdays.


sandra said...

You are AWESOME!!!

WendyBee said...

wOw! WoW! **WOW**!!
I don't usually watch videos, but I did watch yours. Thank you,ThAnK yOu, tHaNk YoU for your message and positive NRG in this world of negativity and sorrows. I smiled through the whole thing. And I am proud of you for telling the truth. Sometimes when someone is promoting positivity, they are in a dreamworld with rose-colored glasses. It is more empowering for you to tell it like it is, and show the victory coming from a background of chaos and dysfunction. You go girl!!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

You did have quite an upbringing! Kudos to YOU for being YOU and for all that you have to offer and for the inspiration. I am looking forward to watching you series. At this moment in my life, I am on the fence about opening my own store! But with the economy as it stands, it's a bit scary.

Have a beautiful week!


French Charmed ~ Chelle said...

I'm so excited for fall! So glad to hear others are, as well! Great post and you have such a lovely blog! :)