Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bodie Ghost Town

I've been on vacation and thought I would share it with you. This is "Bodie" an old goldrush ghost town. Its off of Interstate 395 about 2 hours from Lake Tahoe. It was truly an amazing place, yet so sad and full of mystery. Most of the structures were in such dissrepair that they could not be entered. It is a statepark now.

This is the old mine. I don't know who these people are...I tried to get a shot without anyone in it but it was pretty busy....dont they know I gotta blog?lol! Bodie was known for being a rough town. There was a wealth of gold here and I guess that brought out the worst in some! We also visited the cemetery. It was really a crazy experience reading about the things that happened to people back then.
This is part of what's left of Bodie. There is only about 5% of the original structures still standing. At one time there was 10,000 people living here.
Look at that dressform! The bright blue display at the bottom left said "over 200 new patterns". I wish I could have gotten my hands on that . Sorry about the glare on the window. It was so bright out there.
This store was full of all kinds of amazing things! I just can't believe the townspeople just walked away and left it all behind. If walls could talk! Some of the winters were pretty harsh and this is how they kept warm. What would they think of our gas fireplaces? I just love the cabinet in the back with the glass doors. My teacup collection would look so good in there.
I would love to get my hands on this piece and refinish it! You can see the weather damage to the walls....some rooms had really beautiful wallpaper but it was really moldy and hung off in large strips.
This room was in pretty good shape compared to a lot of what I saw. It's hard to see the old sewing machine in the corner but take my word for it, I was wondering if I could acquire it somehow. I guess I'll have to search the fleamarket.
All of the rooms were so small. I don't know how they managed. Will a frozen lasagna fit in that oven? I will never complain about my kitchen countertops again!
This crib is to die for! Oh that would of course be cute in a pink shabby room for a sweetie pie but it could go in the garden as a raised bed of flowers! No pun intended;)

This is in the kitchen. Isn't the baby chair adorable? I can picture baking tarts in that tin and singing to the baby. I love the green paint. Ya think Home Depot could copy it?


Elyse said...

how fun to see vacation pics! absolutely fascinating and i love all of your shabby visions for the furniture and crib.

i hope you're all having a great time together!!! meals out, no daily tasks - what could be better?!

have a happy & safe time!


Jena Williams, Not So Shabby Interiors said...

Oh what a great vacation you guys had! I love all of your shabby furniture,especially the baby chair-adorable! Well, thanks for the sweet comment as we are very excited to have been blessed with another sweet baby boy! Boys are wonderful, as you know!