Sunday, July 26, 2009

Its been a long road

Today is the 1 year anniversary of my husband's accident. There just aren't words to express how you feel when you get that phone call that starts off with, "everything is ok". There's a lump in your throat and your mind begins to race. My brother-inlaw was on the other end of the phone, not who I expected since we have caller id and he called from my husband's phone.
The guys had went to Gorman, a popular place for dirtbike riding. My husband, his brothers and several friends who were all very experienced and safe riders. No goofing off, no drinking. My husband could have been a pro rider, with a wall full of trophies to prove it. He is in law enforcement and had also been through classes for offroad safety.
So I said to my BIL, where are you taking him and his reply was I dont know we are waiting for a helicopter. I looked at my little boys and thought daddy might not come home today. It is the worst feeling ever, that uncertainty. But our story has a happy ending thanks to the good Lord.
Three surgeries, 6 pints of blood, 10 days in the hospital and a whole lot of prayers and Kenn is ok. He was in a wheelchair for a while, had a walker, then 2 crutches, then 1 and then finally able to walk. He is back on full duty but is not 100% yet. It has been such a long road for Kenn but he did it. He is the most determined and yes stubborn person next to myself that I know.
So this is for you Kenn, you made it to the other side and there is no looking back.
I love you,


Sandi said...

So glad your hubby is okay! You just never know what the next day will bring so we must live them to the fullest.

Elyse said...

gulp. that must have been beyond frightening and that you all got through it just shows the power of family, love, strength and faith. HUGS!