Thursday, September 10, 2009

Say What

For those of you that know me, you know I talk A LOT! Well.....I've got nothing! Last spring I was so very inspired by  you and the witty things you say that I decided I would start blogging too. After all, I'm a girl that can talk enough for a room full of women and I had all kinds of stuff to say. So I set up my blog and a dreadful thing happened. Mr. Perimenopause came by.  My Dr. put me on something to help with those pesky symptoms and well quite frankly I am now certifiably nuts, crazy, looney not quite my adorable creative  fun loving self because of it. So I decided enough of that. I would rather have a few hot flashes and sit in front of the fan. Since so many women struggle with Mr.P., I am interested to hear from you. Yes ladies please do share your anecdotes of navigating through yet another mystery of your life. Since I lost my mother so many years ago I just don't know what else to expect. I am going to go have a good cry, sit in front of the fan, eat M&M's take a nap!
p.s.thank you to all of you that entered the apron giveaway. I am slowly making rounds to visit all of you.
p.s.s. Please laugh along with me over this. Its not a terrible dramatic least not right now. Tomorrow I may be dramatic,we'll see!


Holly said...

Well, I know that progesterone cream has gotten a lot of bad press lately but it's saved my life! Hang in there, girl! ♥

Lisa said...

Oh lol! I hope you have a better day than that tomorrow! I also hope you find some relief. I'm not quite there yet but i think it is coming. I am hot natured and hate it so I can't wait:(
Feel better!
Hugs, Lisa

Elyse said...

oh no, little sharon, i don't want to giggle at your dilemma but this post is so funny and the photo is just cracking me up! you need to come to RI where it is cool and breezy and the popcorn pops all night long! LOL until then, sending you cool and happy thoughts. (if it helps i have been quite the crank this week! grrrrrrrr)


Pansy Cottage Girl said...

I am really glad you are laughing because this dilemma should be laughed at! After all it is inevitable! I'm going to go stand in front of my freezer!LOL

Sandi said...

Oh my goodness dear...hang in there. I am always throwing the covers off and then putting them back on. I am a lunatic if I don't have chocolate on a regular basis, husband plucks off my long chin hairs on the way to church...need I say more?? I never dreamed I would grow wild chin hairs!! If you haven't had them yet get ready because they are coming. Now before you think I look like a I really don't...just one or two now and then, but enough to drive me crazy!!! The GREAT thing is (in my opinion) that monthly cycle has not visited me since February and I turned 50 in March. I think it was planned all along. LOL
Keep laughing and you will be just fine!!

Bearly Sane said...

Thank heavens I'm over it...but like Sandi above, I get the occasional "chin hair" that's like a prickle on a darn cactus...very annoying! But the heat it the middle of the night and the feeling of blushing when I'm not embarrassed: crying when I should be laughing; and putting the butter in the freezer, the milk in the pantry and never remembering either, has finally faded into insignificance. Now, I just eat way too much chocolate, gain too much weight and repeat myself way too often!!
Truck loads of empathy coming your way!
Warmest hugs,

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Oh honey! I feel for you! My whole blog was started because I wanted a way to vent and/or find others out there like me going through menopause and the aging process!
My hot flashes were much worse when I ate a high fat and sugar diet. When I cut those out entirely, my hot flashes disappeared entirely! But in the real world, I can't do that -- nor do I want to live the rest of my life without chocolate and ice cream. (More excellent remedies for menopause!) So, I try to eat junk moderately, & at this time, I can sort-of gauge when I'm overdoing it & "pausing" is going to happen. Evening primrose oil capsules helped me as well.

But my best advice: IF your symptoms are not too severe, just blog & laugh & try to be accepting of your new foibles. We all experience the forgetfulness & chin hairs & dark circles etc. The sweating can be unbearable. But a positive attitude & a good sense of humor can make a world of difference.

Snappy Di said...

Try jelly beans... they work much better than M&Ms.