Friday, May 14, 2010

New Friend, New Blog

Come on over Blogettes!
photo: Black Rooster Cottage
Come meet Amber of  Black Rooster Cottage. These amazing eggs are from her hens. I think I want an omlette! I recently met Amber because of our favorite magazine, Romantic Homes. She is so much fun and nothing holds this girl back! We all have a lot in common with her because like her we are busy moms that love to decorate, garden, and squeeze creativity into our day. So hop on over and say hello. Oh yeah, she broke her arm last week so please wish her well!
You'll get a look at her hens and garden and maybe we can get her to share her eggs!

I left her a funny hen story about my husband on the comments too!

Thanks again for all the well wishes. I am much better today and I think by monday I might be normal back to my old self! Oh yeah, "normal" is a setting on the washing machine.

Have a great saturday!


Amber said...

You are sooooo sweet! And yes, I will share my eggs with you and anyone else that asks! Glad to hear you are feeling better too.
The old wrist is doing better. I'm sporting hot pink with purple hearts today! ;)
Have a wonderful weekend! Amber
p.s. I can't wait to hear from others!

Vicki said...

Hi, Sharon,
I will visit Amber. I think those eggs are beautiful, too. I am glad you are feeling better. Take care of yourself. Hope your weekend is terrific. Love to you~ Vicki

Lisa said...

I like your definition of normal! Have a super great weekend!!!
Hugs, Lisa

Elyse said...

you are so funny, little sharon.

as usual, i am playing blog and email catch up. i am thrilled to see you up and posting. i'll be sure to check out your friend's blog.


Simply Stated ~ Rebecca said...

I will definitely head right over ... happy to hear you're feeling better.

Claudia said...

I've been reading your posts - so glad to hear you are feeling better after having a procedure. I will visit your friend's blog!


Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh I love to discover new blogs!

Thank you ever so much for your kind comments on Lidy's blog.

Olivia~ said...

Oh your blog is sooooo pretty and cute! Oh yum an omletted sounds really good! Please stop by and say hi when you have a moment!

cupcake studio said...

Your blog is a delight! So glad you stopped by to say I too have a new favorite :)

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

nothing beats fresh eggs and an omelette! what a sweet friend!!


koralee said...

I will have to go visit her...those eggs do look amazing. Glad you are feeling much better...hugs.

A Vintage Chic said...

So glad to find your lovely blog this morning! I love fresh, brown delicious for breakfast! Hope you feel back to "normal" soon!

I'm your newest follower & I'll be back often to say hello...hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Cindy said...

I'm so glad you are doing well! There is something about fresh, organic eggs, mmmmmm-m, Have a beautiful and joyful weekend!!!

Martha's Favorites said...

As always, your blog is delightful. I will go and visit your friend. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

Janean said...

gorgeous eggs and photo! glad you're feeling better each day!!!!


Anonymous said...

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Thumbs up, and keep it going!