Monday, February 7, 2011

Failure or a starting point?

In the spirit of yesterday's game, here's a bit of wisdom:

"Success isn't permanent, and failure isn't fatal".
Mike Ditka, Professional football coach

When it comes to starting a business the thought of stepping out for all the world to see can be intimidating and to think that your failures will be public is enough to keep some from pursuing their goals. 
However, if you do not try you will never know what you are capable of.
One week after I launched my line at the L.A.Mart, my husband was in a serious accident.
Needless to say my world was turned upside down. Because of the nature of his injuries I knew our lives would not resemble anything close to normal for quite some time. 

I thought about the loan I had taken to start my business and my first thought was to just give the money back and put the dream on hold. But it was my sweet husband that said to me,"If you don't try you will never know what could have happened". And then he added,"You have the potential to really go somewhere with this."

That was all I needed. I decided to take his advice and stay on course. 
It wasn't easy but what in life that has rewards is? 
About two weeks after he came home from the hospital I received a phone call  from
the J.Johnson Showroom with an offer to represent my line.
And that was the first of many surprises that has pushed me to continually reach for my goals.
There have of course been other obstacles to overcome that are par for the course when producing a product but there are always countless ways to overcome the obstacles.
It is important to keep perspective and surround yourself with quality people that share in your vision. 
Those are two tried and true keys to success.

So I leave you with the cry from the field, "Never surrender"
You may short change yourself of a beautiful dream.


Lilybets said...

You are very rich,because your husband love you very much,supporting you to do more and to try to reach your dream.I was a child very sensitive and clever,but my family never gave my courage and positiveness.So,now I'm afraid often to do...but I want to change and this is a very good point of start.

Claudia said...

What a beautiful post! Your husband sounds like a wise man. Is he okay now? That must have been very frightening for all of you.


Anne Marie... said...

GREAT advice!

Kathy said...

Well, sweetie, I think you've crawled inside my head and been snooping around. I love the "Never surrender." Great advice. I'll try to take it. It's good. And so are YOU! Another terrific post. Thanks. Cheers! - Kathy

tina, theoldfrenchdoors... said...

congrats, im so happy for you, and that your husbands a great man to keep your dream alive and going. I sometimes doubt what im doing and is it worth it, but i to always come to the conclusion if i dont try i will never no. Theres some great advice in your post.

thanks for sharing tina xxx

Lisa Loria said...

LOVE the 3 stooges pic. I use to watch them all of the time.
Failure isn't falling down, failure is not getting back up!
Looking forward to the Tea!

Cathy Kennedy said...

Spotted you on Linda @ Truthful Tidbits blog. I browsed your online store and you have some lovely things. I will certainly be following your blog, so I may be able to share you with my bloggy friends. God bless you in your decision to reach for your dreams!

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