Thursday, June 9, 2011

It's meltdown time here at the cottage!

I really wish I was here right now!

Just thought I'd let you all know that just about every piece of electronic equipment or gadget I have is on the blink! Lets start with the "check engine" light that wont go away despite going to the shop a few times and then theres the good ol cell phone that doesnt work in my house and sends & receives text messages whenever its NOT convenient. The computer, hmmmm. Where to start, well thats easy enough right? Wrong. The Word program is not working even though its been uninstalled, reinstalled, repaired and has had a remote tech guy log into it. And then my beloved printer or is it the Publisher program that wont allow graphics to be flipped for printing. And last but not least, my camera that won't let me download pictures of last weekend's Vintage Marketplace. Oh and I forgot how pictures & text come and go from Blogger and Facebook. Lets just say its going to be a long night and a very long Friday! Ugh.....
I'll be here under the mess!


Tallulah's Antique Closet said...

Im sure things will get better by the weekend. I know the feeling with all the gadgets . They can drive me nuts also lol. Hope you feel much better soo....Julian

Kay Ellen said...

Ah you poor thing...not fun :/

I have to say I was ready for a melt down on Monday and I ran off to the beach for just a few hours on Tuesday~~came back refreshed!

Hoping to return again soon:)

Hang in there! This to shall pass...


*The Beautiful Life* said...

Elecronics.... love them/hate them. Your phone sounds like mine... And mine likes to take a text I just wrote and send it to someone ELSE, randomly, from my contact list! YIKES! :)

Sorry it's stress-time for you... We do seem to have become "married" to all things electronic these days -- makes me wonder if that's a good thing, or not. But we're here now, so there' no turning back, I suppose! :)

I guess when all else fails you can always run up to Kinkos or something and do your copying/printing there?

And hope the "check engine" light stays off for the trip?

Love ya, girl!


Kathy said...

UGH!!!!!!!! Car stuff and computer stuff. The true arsenic in a really good day. I feel for you, my friend. Nothing puts a sour look on your face or in your stomach quicker than either one of those things. Sometimes I think we should go back to horses and pen with paper. Then I remember that horses can colic and die. Pens run out of ink...

Make one of your pretties and lose yourself in something wonderful. If that doesn't work - a quart of scotch usually does it for me! LOL Cheers! - Kathy

Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Oh Sharon! Hmmm... Maybe a little back yard vacation is in order???

I had a similar *morning* recently: The Internet was mysteriously down so I decided to go to town and use it but my van battery was dead so I said WHATEVER! I'll watch a movie! But then my DVD player wouldn't work! Ha! I had to laugh!

For the pat 10 years, I've driven second hand Areostar vans and each one had a "check engine" light that never goes off! I just ignore it. :)

Hope your day eases up on you! ♥

Amber said...

I think you need to come down and go wine tasting with me!
xo, A

Claudia said...

The joys of technology can quickly become the woes of technology!


susie said...

Toooo Funnnny! I'm sorry, I know it's a kinda hell to go through an electronic nightmare like this, but because I FEEL your pain, I can't help but giggle. Oh, have I ever been there!!!
I hope the technical fairy godmother comes to your house tonight while your sleeping & MAGICALLY fixes everything!!!
Big Hugs,

Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Sharon,
So nice to meet you!!! I'm your newest follower!

Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Sharon,
I just popped over to say "hi" and hope you've had a nice weekend!