Saturday, October 8, 2011

Season of Change

I love Fall and all it invokes; the cool evenings, comfort food,
the leaves turning and the sun sits lower in the sky. Im not sure which is my favorite season, it seems I'm always ready for change when the calendar beckons though. Lately Ive been thinking a lot about change as shared in this post. Its interesting how many times someone has said to me over the years, "there is a season for everything". I'm sure you've heard that yourself but how do you really know when one of those seasons is over and you shouldn't hang in there?
That's one of those nagging questions that most of us have a hard time answering. 
You know what Ive come to realize in my 45 years of(insert sarcasm) brilliant wisdom

Trust your gut!
MmmHmmm, that's it girls. Trust yourselves. 
You've learned how to do a million things from changing diapers to changing a spare tire, you really can do anything, so why can't you trust your hunches, your gut, that funny feeling you know all the way down to your toes?
You know when its time for a change. If you're anything like me you can certainly see it a mile away when its someone else's season to change. You've helped your friends, co-workers, children, spouses and the list goes on, now its time for you
Do that thing whatever it is that you know you need to do. The sooner you do you'll see it wasn't so hard and you will learn more about yourself than you ever expected. Take it from me the fraidy cat!



Lisa Loria said...

AMEN Sister! Love you. XO, Lisa

Gail @ Faithfulness Farm said...

Great advice :)


Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Yes! I love getting older. Things get clearer every day! ♥

Elyse said...

you are so not the fraidy cat but a purrfect example of following your heart, dreams and instinct.


Suzanne said...

Wonderful words of wisdom!

Chris said...

I love your blog and love what you have shared about the seasons in your life. I am a 65 year old widow trying to reinvent mine. Blogging and reading others thoughts has pushed me in this direction. Keep on pushing, we are out here and we are listening!
I posted a link to your blog on mine, so others could be inspired. Thank you! chris