Thursday, February 2, 2012

Blogging Can Give You Wings

Cindy Adkins of Whimsical Musings is a talented artist, author and blogging expert. 
She has written several books and many have become #1 on Amazon. Ive only known Cindy a short time and have had the pleasure of featuring her on Launch Your Creativity.

When she approached me to contribute to her latest book, "Women: Blogging Can Give You Wings" I was elated. Cindy is a true giver and a cheerleader for women following their passions.
Cindy has assembled eight amazing, talented women and featured their passions for helping others through blogging. I consider it a privilege and honor to be a part of her book.

Thank you Cindy for your commitment to inspiring and encouraging women through blogging.


Christian Sarono said...

I’m completely impressed by your post since it is more simple and effective. I have read many times related to this post but I found it less effective. Great job out there.

cathy said...

Wow! Congratulations!!! xoxo