Sunday, April 29, 2012

Passionate for Fabrics

 I'm planning to reveal new looks with Lifestyle Collections on June 1st. 
A very tiny peek at some lovely things in the making!

Oh how I adore flowers so much!
I want to live my life with things I am passionate about just for the simple joy of it! 
What are you passionate about?


bee'nme said...

Well, my friend, I am passionate about encouraging women like you to continue to soar to new heights in their creative lives and share the beauty they create across the street and around the world! Can't wait to see the new collection Sharon! Should be amazing!!

Thanks for all YOU do to encourage all of us to pursue our dreams! Have a great week!

Hugs & Blessings,

The Painted Garden said...

Hi Sharon,

How exciting - can't wait to see your new collection - loved the little peek. Flowers are my passion also - I put mine on canvas and looks like you put yours on fabric.
Have a lovely day.

Elyse said...

oh so pretty!!! you have the magic touch, my friend!