Monday, July 30, 2012

Quest with a camera!

My new quest is to continuously seek beauty everywhere I go
Here are a few pictures from a recent trip of  things that I find beautiful...

What do you find to be irresistibly beautiful?


Sheila said...

Hi Sharon!
Wow these pics are absolutely beautiful...have a great day!


Amber said...

It's amazing how the simplest of things can bring such happiness. I love all of those photos.

Rita said...

This is beautiful!

Claudia said...

Since I've been blogging, I see beauty everywhere. Something about seeing things through the lens of a camera changes things.

Great photos, Sharon!


Diana said...

Oh I love your pictures. I see beauty in all things rusty and worn. Old buildings and barns. Rust covered old cars and farm equipment. It looks like we kinda might live in the same neck of the woods. I love your blog and feel the same way about the coast. Have a great day.

Elyse said...


jeff has been urging me to take my camera everywhere. it's been good for me to take pics beyond my dining room table!

happy august!