Saturday, November 10, 2012

Loved More Than You Know

My sweet friend Julie told me about about a book she is reading, "Grace: More than we deserve, greater than we imagine" by Max Lucado. So I thought I would take a peek at it. 

I have to admit there are so many sticky sweet books out there regarding the Christian walk that I had a bit of skepticism....But I must be honest with you and with myself. I only got a few pages in before I was suddenly taken (again) with the power of God's grace and how incredibly small I am. It touched so deep within my very soul that I had to stop reading it. You know why? 1. It scared me and 2. because Max Lucado gets it, its raw. He doesnt wrap up how hard it is to be human in this world (whether you are a believer or not) in a bunch of empty faith filled words. You know the kind, youve heard them before from well meaning friends even your pastor. But they leave you empty and hopeless feeling as though youve missed the mark yet again. Not this book. Its refreshing to know that we are all in the pressure cooker together, trying to navigate our way through life doing the best we can *and* we are all H.U.M.A.N.! God is big enough to deal with it all and more-so with each of us right where we are. We are enough, you are enough, I am enough. Say it to yourself, "I am enough". But it gets even better...God loves you right where you are. In the midst of your own personal storm. Ive been in one for months, like a boat on the ocean in the middle of a small craft warning, the waves are crashing over my head and Im bailing with a bucket that has holes. I used to have a boat and have been out during a small craft warning, its not pretty! But then again, in so many ways life isnt pretty. Its hard. Damn its hard. Ive always wanted to be bluntly honest about how I see things no matter how unpopular my take may be. Im finding that when I am honest its much better received than a candy smile. Do you remember those big wax lips from the early '70's? Thats is precisely the fake candy smile I mean!

Take heart precious ones, you matter and you are greatly loved.


June said...

Such a great read this post is! Yes, God loves us no matter what is going on in our lives! That is what keeps me going day to day.
Thank you for posting this today.

Deb Kennedy said...

This 'being human' stuff is hard, isn't it?! The great thing is, as you so perfectly said, that God loves us right in the midst of it all. He is with us, beside us, IN us, giving us all that we need to learn from whatever this hard experience brings to us. I am learning that He wants me to learn to surrender it all to Him - to lean only on His strength, not my own. And though that sounds like one of those Christian platitudes you mention, for me, personally, it is simply using that bucket to bail the water out of the boat and keeping my eyes on the shoreline - even though the water is still pouring in from the hole in the hull and from the sky above. I know that even if I end up in the sea, He is with me. My lifeguard. ;0)

Sharon, you are in my prayers - and on my list of Heroes who aren't afraid to say it like it is. <3 Deb at Hummadeedledee

WendyBee said...

So well said Carolyn. I know precisely what you mean.
Recently I have had a tough spell with a loved one who has the courage to say it like she sees it (in particular about the election), and some of what she has said was very hurtful. I told her how it felt to hear her "honest opinions", she became very hurt and angry, and defensive. So I am right in the middle of experiencing the difficulty of being Human.
I love that you posted this. I may look for this book.