Saturday, April 18, 2009

A New Adventure

After reading so many wonderful blogs from such creative and inspiring women, I decided I wanted to try it. I thought I'd start by sharing my business venture, "Pansy Cottage & Garden".
I have a lovely little line of aprons, tea cozies, pillows and table linens.
You can view the line on my website at
This is such a fun adventure of creating sweet things for you and your home. I am fortunate to be surrounded by so many wonderful, creative ladies that I have met through the boutiques I participate in and the store I sell my treasures at: Creations in Fullerton, CA. Tomorrow I am off to my favorite
flea market to treasure hunt with my partner in crime, Susie. I will post pictures of our goodies later.


Everdina Tea Hostess said...

So wonderful to see your beautiful website and your fun blogs. I constantly reminded of how much we are alike in the girlie-lady-love-like dept. I just love your line of aprons, table cloths, pillows and Tea cozies of course! I love unique style and beautiful fabrics you are using. I adore my apron that I own that was made with love by you. A Tea hostess myself appreciates the pretty things that represent the girl in us. We are two of a kind when it comes to bringing back some flair from the past. I say we put on a pretty apron, bake some cookies from scratch and sit down for a chat on our porch drinking a spot of tea! ha ha We are due for a spot of tea and some girlie time you know! of course I don't have a porch!
I congratulate you on your wonderful new business, I adore all you create and you are a smart business woman. Being a business woman myself I can appreciate the love and time you pour into your work and I know you will do well. For now; Ta Ta my love~ we shall do tea soon! Wishing you the best~hugs Dina

pogonip said...

Okay, now that I know about the Fullerton shop I'll let my best friend and fellow apron-lover know. I long ago moved away from La Habra but she's conveniently close still. Good luck with all your pansy creations!