Wednesday, May 13, 2009

From the Bottom of My Heart

I can't believe the outpouring of sweet words you have all graced me with. I am truly overwhelmed by the compliments you have paid me. I have worked sooo amazingly hard on this line and your comments made the work worth it. As I began reading the comments left by you, I cried! I'm trying to blame that emotional outburst on perimenopause. I have had hot flashes for 4 years so I guess that qualifies. I am so grateful to Cindy of she gave such a lovely review. I guess I feel like I've arrived- tiara, apron and dishpan hands! I wish I could give an apron to everyone of you and have you all over for tea. That would be an amazing event! So, from the Bottom of My Heart a sincere thankyou.


The Tattered Cottage said...

So happy you stopped by. I didn't realize you are a Cali girl also. I had to stop back by for a visit and when I read your "About Me" I realized we have a couple of things in common :) I was born and raised in Cali, living the last 16 years in Roseville 30 miles north of Sacramento. I love decorating, painting and if you can call what I do "sewing" (no where nearly as talented as you in that department)and CHOCOLATE. I don't know if I asked...but will you be selling your beautiful aprons, pillows, etc???

Vicky said...

thank you for visiting my blog.Delighted to meet you here.
You have such talent in sewing! love to see your works virtually...
btw, My mum was a dressmaker i.e. she made dresses for people(she is retired now) but unfortunately I am hopeless in sewing or any needle work.guess my talent is not in this area.

Have a wonderful day.

Elyse said...

hello! i'm so happy that you found my blog so that i could find you. just reading your profile i know we are going to be friends. you have a wonderful attitude and sewing aside but creativity right there, i think we have lots in common.

the name of your blog is adorable! the apron is AWESOME!!!

your new pal in the ocean state,

Orchardviewcottage said...

Love your aprons!! I think I just may have to buy one!! Love your blog!!

Rosie said...

Found you through myromantichome. You are so talented! I see you choose the PINK rubber gloves, like me!Ha!