Tuesday, August 4, 2009

California Sunset #2

I love the evening when the sun sets and the sky glows.
I hope you are all having a great summer. To those of you in Texas,
you are in my thoughts & prayers.
Straight ahead, believe it or not is the beach. What looks like a hill is actually Catalina Island. When its clear I can see the boats. A little bit of fog rolled in tonight.

My hummingbird feeder gets a lot of action. There were 5 out here and they wouldn't cooperte for the camera. They are so much fun to watch. One crashed into my window so I picked him up and put it in a hanging basket. When he stopped seeing stars he flew away. Of course I didn't have the camera handy when that happened...fiddle.


Elyse said...

fiddle! :) cute!

i want a hummingbird feeder, too. they are so cool and almost seem to fly in slow-motion!

beautiful photo of the night sky. wow!


Sandi said...

Beautiful photos!!
To make the pictures with the postage stamp etc. like I had on my post go to bighugelabs.com and pick "frames" and use the photo you want to use and click "create" and it will make it for you. Then just save it to your computer. Hope this helps. Let me know when you get yours made!

Family American Style. said...

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debi said...

Your photos are pretty...I especially love the hummingbirds. Always so fun to watch, and you caught them really well.
Thanks for visiting my blog.

Amy said...

Hi...I have tagged you over on my blog xx

Jane said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful sunset pictures. We lived in Ventura County for almost 4 years (1998-2001) before moving to the Midwest. I do miss the beaches and the gorgeous sunsets!