Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Peek inside

Come inside for a mini tour of my house.....
This is an old table given to me many years ago. It belonged to my girlfriend's grandmother. I'm not sure how old it is but it has been well loved!
This is the mantle in the living room. I change the decor here with the season but I've been slacking a bit this summer.

This little vignette is between the front door and living room. The mirror was rescued from an abandoned house that was going to be torn down. It was dark brown before it was shabbie up. The little cabinet came from Applerose Vintage Home. A favorite of mine that has been replaced by a dental office. Not nearly as inspiring.
This is one end of the dining room. I love this hutch. I bought it from my girlfriend when she closed her store. As you can see I collect white pitchers. I have several on my kitchen window sill too....can't get enough of them. To the right is the second fireplace but it wasn't picture pretty!
This is the other end of the dining room. My husband brought this table home for me. It was a roadside find that was missing its top. Boy I trained him well!
I just got this from a garage sale 2 weeks ago. All it needed was a good cleaning and fresh coat of paint. I really wanted to put this at the end of my kitchen as a catch all for backpacks & jackets but its too big for the space. So it sits at the front door in the hallway. Should I put pictures of the family on the hooks or keep it free for coats? I can't decide.
I have a big house but not a big budget for decorating. Almost everything I have is second hand. I never thought I could decorate on a dime. What I found is that it takes time to pull a room together even when you have a little extra spending money simply because its hard to find all the elements. But if you are patient you'll be surprised at how much money you can save by shopping at flea markets and estate sales.
This sign also hangs in my dining room it was painted by a friend of mine. And like it says....
My door is open to you my friends.


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Your home is just amazing! I love all of the white accents and the white dishes. LOL - yes, you DO have your husband trained well. way to go....!!! smiling.

I am in love with your sign though...so perfect!


PS: I am smiling at your comment about seeing the scotty things. Thank YOU for thinking of me. bless you..

Elyse said...

wow, sharon! beautiful!!!

brick walls, lovely finds, 2nd fireplace!!! i am SWOONing!


junkdreams said...

Thanks for visiting my blog.......yours looks great and I am happy to find it!!

jen said...

Your home is so charming!! I love pitchers too and I have a hard time parting with the ones that I sell!! LOL!!

Glad I stopped by!!


Mary Ellen (megardengal) said...

Thanks for coming by my lil blog so I could come over and see your lovely place!! Love that hall tree bench and the white pitchers!! Such pretties!


Lori said...

it looks really cute...i love all of your white furniture pieces!!!

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

I love that you can paint furniture white. It intrigues me, but my husband is a woodworker. And he can't bear to paint wood.

You commented; "I just read your how to beat cravings post....Oh my gosh you are so funny!"

Oh but I wasn't being funny. I was being truthful! It's quite amazing what you discover about certain foods, when you "eat" them this way.

Especially how one can fully realize the taste of lard or whatever they use today... To give that full-of-fat-feeling to food, but cheaply, for the manufacturer.

Quite interesting. To see how we "fill in" taste, by what we _expect_ things to taste as. Eye-opening actually. When we really stop and notice, and cease the gulping, gulping, gulping down, for a bit of time.

Oh I will bet the processed food manufacturers wouldn't like us doing this though. Quelles horror, no! We might discover their secrets. -wry smile-

'Aunt Amelia'

Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

Yes thank goodness Shabby Chic is not dead!!! Your home is wonderful and it's obvious you know what your doing! I'll add you to my favorites so I can come back to visit!

Sandi said...

Thank you so much for your house tour. It is just lovely!!
Initially I thought leave the hooks open to put things on , but then it looks neat with the pix too. Glad I don't have to make that decision.

Rebecca @ Belle Blog said...

Thanks for the awesome tour. I love the cloche on the table your hubby bought home. My hubby still doesn't get why I like to paint old furniture. You're so lucky you have two fireplaces. Sooo cozy in the winter. No wonder your door is always open to your friends.
♥ Rebecca

Rebecca @ Belle Blog said...

going to look at your aprons now
♥ Rebecca

Cottage Flair said...

What a lovely home. I love all of your redo's. I'm a furniture rescuer & painter too. I love what you've done.

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Hi Sweetie....such a lovely post!!

I have you all signed up for the Rooster Party. Thanks so much for joining us. See you on the 28th....know we will have fun!

Barb :-)

Rosie said...

I enjoyed your "mini-tour". I have that exact hutch in pic #4 and it never occured to me to remove the doors! It gives MUCH more display room! Thanks!