Sunday, June 27, 2010

Setting the Stage

Ive been missing in action this last week trying to get my catalog & samples done. Here's a look at my mini photo shoot.
This is in my backyard! I love the texture of the bark on this tree. And all the greenery is compliments of the previous owner's passion for cactus which I completely dont understand. So the object of the game is to get a few photos with out too much cactus getting in the way!

I just love these colors together.
This pinky-red mixes well with the robin's egg blue and warm cream.
I like my chippy table on the deck so we'll take closeups there.....

 Thank you for stopping by. I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday.

Blessings & Hugs!


Jackie said...

What beautiful photos!

fiberdoodles said...

Oh I just love these sweet little pillows ;0)

rustandruffles said...

Gorgeous patterned pillows!
Happy day!

Simply Stated ~ Rebecca said...

LOVING the color combo!!!! Stay tuned for the remodel reveal at my place "Wink, Wink!!!" Hope your weekdend has been as wonderful as ours ~ Rebecca

Elyse said...

oh popcorn!

i love your new line. the colors combo is awesome. i was just thinking about how i want to bring some of that blue into my bedroom now that there's some cherry-red.

we were out tonight and i'm sorry i missed your call. thank you for leaving me the sweetest message. it really means so much to me. i'm so happy to know you, sweetie.

okay, it's almost 11 here so i'm off to bed. i'll try to email/call soon. summer = busy!


have you been to tanya whelan's blog? there's a link at my latest post. pretty fabric and ideas!!!

Elyse said...


just noticed your cute little "flavicon" or whatever that's called. ooh la la! so cute!


Kathy said...

I loved your remark, "the previous owner's passion for cactus which I don't understand." I live outside of Chicago - we have no cactus, but I understand what you're saying!!
Have a great day. - Kathy

Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

How exciting ...a catalog! you must be so busy..good for you!
It all looks so lovely Sharon.

Paula said...

Such pretty colors together...and the chippy paint table, yum!

Amber said...

Hey Sharon!
Your rocker under the tree looks so cool and inviting. Your pretty pillows looks so comfy! I could just close my eyes and sneak a wink in, with a glass of lemonade in one hand, if I was there! :) Hope you are doing well! Sorry I haven't visited in a while. It's tornado season in my head! Haha!
p.s. I haven't forgotten about ordering! I will soon!
xo, Amber

Cashmere 'n Cotton said...

Cute photoshoot! Cute pillows! Cute color scheme indeed! Thanks for the nice comment. You are my first : )

Isabelle - Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

I love that rocking chair and can imagine how relaxing it must be sitting there under the tree. Those cushions are lovely, such gorgeous colours!
Have a lovely weekend
Isabelle x

Sylvia said...

Lovely pictures, the colors of the cushions are beautiful !
Nice weekend,

koralee said...

Oh I so love your adorable cushions...I am in need of some new ones to freshen up my sofa.
Hugs for a happy Monday my friend. xoxoxo

Elyse said...

hello busy bee,

i hope all is well and happy at PCG!


Kelly@TearingUpHouses said...

Yes, those colors go together nicely!


Gina said...

What beautiful pillows! The colors are wonderful.