Sunday, June 13, 2010

This will make you laugh

 Do you remember the old show "Truth or Consequences"? After carefully considering the consequences of sharing this story, I figured you will laugh so hard that whatever you are drinking will come out of your nose. So consider yourself forewarned! And if you don't get a giggle, then you are a grump!
I was commenting on Cindy's blog, Cute Pink Stuff about her mermaids and said someday I will tell you my mermaid story. She replied she'd like to hear it....
Please put whatever you are drinking down.

Around 1989 I had signed up with a local talent agency with hopes of breaking into the business. I got the call I had waited for but there was one small catch. Was I willing to wear a mermaid costume for 2 hours? Apparently I am the catch! Well being short on cash  I figured how bad could it be? I picked up the costume and headed to the address on the bay in Newport Harbor where I was given a place to change before I got on the boat. Yes this would be a 3 hour tour(insert Gilligan's Island theme here)

Unbeknown to me I was the centerpiece on a buffet table! Yep, you heard that right! This was a corporate party for a Japanese beer company and I was in for quite the surprise!

Seriously there were plates of food sitting all around me! And each attendee came over and snapped pictures of their associates with me as they leaned over the buffet and tried not to get tartar sauce on their suits!
I was quite shocked. This was definitely not glamourous.

Now 2 decades later, 3 kids and a minivan I can say I would do it again!!!

Now bloggettes, you know my deepest, darkest most laughable moment!


Sheree said...

Oh my! What a surprise that must have been for you! And you had to be on this table all still like I'm guessing? LOL! Great story and what a memory to have!! I'm glad a I got a little smile before heading off to bed!
Happy Evening...
Sheree :)

Paula said...

Oh gosh that is funny! What an experience that must of been, if you had made it big as an actress or model, you'd have quite the intro for your book! :)

Elyse said...

that's awesome! i think we all need a crazy adventure (or 2 ...) in our past, don't you? makes us the fun people we are. :)

thanks for sharing, mer-pansy!


Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Ha-ha-ha! Sharon! Did you get to keep a pic? ;)

Kathy said...

HahahahahahahaHA!!! This was GREAT. No picture??!! We NEED a picture, dahlink! Great way to start a Monday. - Kathy

Amber said...

Hahaha! I agree with Kathy, we need a picture! I'm sure you've got one somewhere! :) hahaha!
You are so cute and have the funniest stories! I wish all of us blogettes lived within CLOSE driving distance. Could you imagine our girl-get-togethers!?!? Oh, my!
Have a fabulous week!
xo, Amber

Claudia said...

It is the perfect thing to have on a resume - it would get some interesting conversations going! Do you have any photos of that day??


Snappy Di said...

We all are chomping at the bit, er bait, to see a photo..... Certainly one of those CEOs at the Japanese Beer Company still has one of your photos laying around in a drawer somewhere, or perhaps framed and on his office wall? NO?? Bet they do... LOL Maybe you could find one of those men on Facebook.. HA HA HA... I hear you can find anyone there.

The Blue Ridge Gal

Bethany said...

I shared this post with my Mother-in-law who is in town for a visit. She collects mermaids. We both got a good laugh. I wish you had a picture;)

Cathie said...

The centre piece on a buffet table? This is funny! But seriously, do you mean you would do it again (like going back in time) or you would do it again (like today) - if it is the latter... girl, forget the picture, people would pay for the video!

Lisa said...

Oh that is great! So glad you shared. But really there are worse things in life. Hope you got good money!
Hugs, Lisa

cathy said...

what a wonderful story!!! i can just imagine your thoughts as you were trying to climb up on that buffet table!

patty said...

first, i took one last swallow of my iced coffee before reading on...
and how funny! and really, how flattering!

got pics?


Mary Ellen said...

This is so funny!! I can't imagine having all those guys around starring at me for 3 hours though!! Did it curb your desire for show business?!!

bee blessed

Red Couch Recipes said...

Well really that is probably a unique experience...I doubt anyone else can even claim that turf! Very funny! Love all your pillows and the pics in the above post for your the chippy table too. Joni