Friday, May 20, 2011

Feeling Blue in My Studio

 ~Another palette to play with~   
 These hues of blue are so pretty...

 Mixed with a cream rose and  flax colored fabric...

 I love birds, don't you? There's a nest on my patio. 
I hope to take pictures before the babies fly away.
 I just love this color combination. This is the flax again but it looks different in each picture. I think this is the truest representation. The color is called Stone and it is a true taupe taking on beige or gray depending on what its next to.
Love this sweet birdie plaque!

I think this may be the new palette of inspiration for me...

What color inspires you?

Have a wonderful weekend and stay creative!


Amber said...

I love that you caught the blue bug too! Can't wait to see you girlfriend!
xo, A

Lilybets said...,violet and yellow!.Your blue birds is angelic!.Have nice week end,bye.

Lisa Loria said...

SOOO Pretty!!!
Miss you!

Elyse said...

hi there, popcorn!

love this combo of colors. pales shades of aqua, pink, lavender always inspire me. cookies help, too. lol

happy weekend! i hope everyone is feeling much better!


Holly- Girls At Heart said...

That little bird is a perfect blue! I've been taking pics of my blue dishes on my shabby shelves so I can prove that I have other colors in my house!

I *am8 having fun with pink and yellow, though! I'm working on an altered art piece with those colors right now. ♥

Linda said...

My favorite blue is periwinkle! Just saying "periwinkle" is fun! Ha!

Kathy said...

Love the blue and cream color combination but this post startled me. I thought YOU were having a down day! Glad to hear you were just contemplating color choices.


GardenofDaisies said...

All those shades of blue look perfect with the pearly whites and creams. I adore blue.