Monday, May 23, 2011

How has art saved you?

Do you know Jenny Doh? Of Crescendoh?
You may know her from "Where Women Create" fame and I am thrilled that she has just released another beautiful book,
"Book of Inspiration" with Jo Packman. 
She is a whirlwind of creative passion. One visit to her blog and you will quickly
learn that she has an amazing passion for life, people and art.
I contacted Jenny in March and invited her to
Launch Your Creativity,
not surprising that her calendar was full and
she could not attend but I was sure surprised when she asked
for my "Art Saves"story  to feature on her website.
I guess Ive never considered myself to be an artist but I quickly learned from Jenny that you dont need to take a paintbrush to a canvass or sing as a tenor to be considered an artist. Thank you Jenny for teaching all of us that art has so many more forms than tradition would dictate. I didn't grow up in a home that encouraged the pursuit of passions and artful adventures to say the least. I bet many of you didnt either, well we are not alone in that. The stories that she features in her "Art Saves" column are nothing short of inspiring and I know upon reading them you will feel a strong sense of community. 
Upon visiting her site be prepared to be completely whisked away to a creative land like no other, there is something for every form of art at every level to inspire you.
You can receive Jenny's monthly newsletter by signing up here.

Thank you so much Jenny for inspiring, encouraging and sharing art in every form!



Jenny Doh said...

Thank you, Sharon. :)

Kay Ellen said...

Congrats on the wonderful feature:) I loved it! Finally updating my you are in it girlfriend:))