Saturday, November 19, 2011

Follow Your Path, Fearlessly!

In a world full of follow me, blinking signs, maps, click here, this way and endless self help books targeted at guiding you towards what is packaged as your dream,
it's important to step back and evaluate what  
Not what someone else thinks it is. This is where self examination is of utmost importance to you and the nurturing of your soul.

Do you ever feel like you are standing on the edge waiting to
  take a step towards your dreams but are held back by 
doubt, worry, fear or even jealousy?
 I want to remind you that those things will suck the life out of your dreams. It will choke every bit of creativity out of you and leave you feeling empty.  
These beautiful dreams you have deep inside of you is what you were created for. There is no other you out there that can accomplish the things you want to do better than you. 

You MUST take the first step and follow your path. You may not know where the path will lead you and that's ok. That's a part of the beautiful journey you are on.

Each step will lead you further along and as you keep traveling along your path you will learn new things, acquire new skills, and add new tools that will help you reach your destination.

This is where you need to turn off the comparison mirror. Remember the evil queen from Snow White? How she looked in the comparison mirror?

What you don't see when you compare yourself to Miss So&So is what is going on on the inside. Everyone struggles, some harder than others. 
What shapes you is the ability to keep trying and not giving up because
Miss So & So did it first.
The truth is Miss So&So probably busted her butt, cried on the floor, ate a gallon of ice-cream and lost a lot of sleep on her way to creating that thing that is now her prized piece of work.
 If Miss So & So could give you her honest opinion she would hold your face in her hands and
look into your eyes and say, 

"Follow YOUR Dreams, Anything IS Possible".

Do not be afraid to follow your passion or march to the beat of your own drum.
This IS your life to make whatever you want out of it.
I am Miss So&So.


Amber said...

VERY well said, my friend. :)

artistamyjo said...

Terrific post and very well said.

Kathy said...

You are SUCH a great cheerleader. Very well said and an excellent reminder. Those nasty thoughts sneak in my head from time to time. I need to chase 'em out with a broom!

HAve a great week, my friend.


Missy @ Chateau Chic Boutique said...

Kathy has is right...You ARE our cheerleader! Thank you so much for exposing our doubts and fears, making us face that reality and inspiring us to conquer them.
Love ya',

fiberdoodles said...

You will have no idea how much this post touches me. Thank you so much for sharing it!!